B-SidesDC 2019

Events cost money, and we want very little of those costs to be borne by attendees. As with many Security B-Sides, our goal is to provide you with a fantastic, educational, and fun weekend of information security knowledge sharing and community building. And so we give a special shout out to our previous sponsors, for making B-Sides DC a reality.

Be Cool

Want to be an awesome company that gets respect in the information security community? Want to be listed on our 2019 Sponsors page? Security B-Sides explore the fringes of conversation, and focus on the next big thing. B-Sides gives voice to the conversation happening just below the surface, and sponsoring enables you to engage in that conversation. Sponsors gain the thanks and appreciation of a hard-working community pushing the envelope of information security research and development.

To learn more, or get started, send us an e-mail or review the sponsorship kit online.