B-SidesDC 2015

Our Sponsors

We'd very much like to thank all of our sponsors for the 2015 Security B-Sides DC. You all help make this event possible and support a very important information security event. We'd like all attendees to show their appreciation for the sponsors.

Engage The Audience

Veris Group - Adaptive Threat Division SANS SANS NetWars

Above and Beyond

HP Cobalt Strike Aruba Networks Mach37 Valiant Solutions Endgame. CSC Booz Allen Hamilton Antietam Technologies Milton Security Fidelis Cybersecurity Altus Consulting Corporation Palo Alto Networks MITRE

Core Supporter

Hacker Warehouse ClearedJobs.net ThreatConnect System 1 GuidePoint Security

Additional Support

Sophos TOOOL Critical Stack iFixit IoT Village SOHOpelessly Broken Independent Security Evaluators No Starch Press