B-SidesDC 2014

The 2014 Security B-Sides DC was our second year for the event, which was held on October 17-19, 2014. The team pulled of a pretty incredible thing, with lots of great talks and tracks, and villages. We exceeded our first year numbers, and retained our position as one of the largest Security B-Sides globally, with over 770 attendees, 24 sponsors, and a legion of volunteers and staff/organizers who made the event possible. We were also able to give back to the community, with donations to Hackers for Charity and the Electronic Frontier Foundation, as well as DC City Wildlife (Jericho contributed his honorarium in lieu of).


Our 2014 Schedule is available from our 2014 brochure which included a crypto-challenge. We've left the crumbs in case you want to try your hand at it.

Our keynote was Jericho, from Attrition.org, whose talk is available as both a slide deck via the link below, and also as a video on our YouTube page, also linked below.


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Slides (PDF)

Photos (PNG)

We placed a basic set of photos online from the event.

Videos (MP4)

Our YouTube channel has videos available from the event, thanks to the hard work of Thor! and the video team.