B-SidesDC 2013

2013 was the inaugural B-Sides DC event. It took place at the Washington Marriott at Metro Center, on October 19-20, 2013. Expectations were exceeded across the board, as two tracks, for two days, as well as an educational track, a wireless village, an online CTF (capture-the-flag), and a lock sport village. Billed as the "Oktoberfest of B-Sides", an evening event was also held at the Iron Horse Tavern.

For a first-time event, B-Sides DC exceeded all expectations, with 650 tickets, over 450 attendees, many volunteers, and a band of determined organizers. The numbers immediately made us the largest first-year B-Sides, and the third-largest B-Sides in the world, so far. We've also made our 2013 brochure available. It included a cipher puzzle; can you figure it out? Post your answer to our Facebook page!


Here is the content we've managed to collect or obtain, and preserve here. Several of these were made available via slide sharing sites, but in the interest of historical preservation, we've grabbed a copy for distribution. Unless otherwise indicated, all of the content made available here, remains the full copyright of the respective authors, and any copying, re-distribution or other rights afforded belong to them. They have given us permission to distribute this content.

Slides (PDF)

Photos (PNG)

For photos of the 2013 event, please see our Facebook page. If you have additional photos you wish to contribute, please drop us a note and let us know!

Videos (MP4)

We were working with ancient technology in 2013, and so video processing is taking much longer than expected. At some point we look to get everything uploaded, and when we do, the links will show up here.