B-SidesDC 2017

We welcome your contributions!

Donations help us, in ways large and small. Any amount you can contribute, contributes to the community, and our efforts to put on the best information security event possible.

Our Worthy Organizations

We also want to put out that at our events we sponsor two very worthy organizations. Hackers for Charity and the Electronic Frontier Foundation both work hard for our community. We will have a donation pool available at the registration/storefront at the event, but also encourage you to give what you can to either or both organizations in the meantime.


While our preferred method of receiving donations is actually an old school paper check, as it has the least overhead, we recognize that many find it convenient to use an online payment broker. So we've made it easy to provide money via several methods. Our favored method is our PayPal donations button, as we take the smallest hit on it. Click on the link below to get started with the process.