B-SidesDC 2019

2019 Call For Papers

Our Call for Papers opens on April 15th!

Click here to go to the CFP submission page!

Submissions are welcome until the deadline of Sunday, June 30, 2019. After that time, a team of volunteers will perform a double-blind review of the papers and speakers, where they will be graded on various merits, discussed, poked, prodded, dissected, vivisected, bisected, churned, measured, rinsed, spun, folded, and mutilated.

2019 Call for Trainers

This year we are running call for training through the same submission process as talks. If you have a 4-8 hour (or other length) class or a burning desire to teach one, let us know here:


Make sure to let us know how many people you can teach at once, how long your class is, anything you need from us to make your class awesome, and of course the knowledge you'll pour into our brain pans. :)